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April 13th, 2016

posted Aug 18, 2016, 8:29 AM by David R. Noel
Meeting called to order at 6:30 p.m. with 20 members present.

Minutes from Feb. 10th meeting were read and accepted.

Treasurer’s Report was read and accepted.


Relay for Life, Car Show June 5 th . Dutch Hill trail clean up Mon. 18 th at 4:00 PM, Woodlawn trail clean up

April 30 th , 9:00 AM.

BOD Meeting:

Danny Hale, VASA recieved $10,000. grant from Polaris for the new web site.

Trail Report:

Woodlawn - May 1st.

Ira May 1rst-after 12:00 PM month of May

Dutch Hill-May 1 st .

Riverside Farm Closed taken off VASA Map

Old Business:

Ray stated, he wasnt going to run again as president, the same for DeeDee and Ken. Chris doesn’t want to

be trail coordinator because of his health issues. Sherry accepted to head up nominating committee.

Donation to Relay of Life Car Show was made a motion and accepted.

New Business:

Paper work needs to be signed for trails. Bob was to get Dutch Hills signed. Jim Philbrooke to get Redpath

signed. Ray said he would follow up with Telescope’s. Ira’s paperwork was sent to them. An issue of junk

being left at Dutch Hill by unknowns, club to keep watch and keep clean.

Sheri had one person interested in running for office. They lived too far away to make meetings.

2016 Elections results, President, David Noell, Vice President, Fred Elliot, Treasurer, Deb Elliot, Secretary,

Bob Williams. Sheri Smith is public relations officer and Riding Apparel representative.

Riding events coordinator is needed. Jim Pilbrook was interested in trail coordinator. He wasn’t familiar with

Woodlawn. Ray stated you could have one for each trail systems if you wanted. BOD rep. is up to the club.

David Noell and Fred Elliot said they would go to the May meeting. Concerns were brought up about ATV

riders that were not VASA members riding the trails.