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April 8th, 2015

posted Aug 18, 2016, 8:14 AM by David R. Noel
Meeting was called to order at 7:11pm with _28__ members present.

Minutes from the previous meeting were read and accepted.

Treasurers report was read and accepted.

Committee Reports :

Riding Events : sheet handed out with the prospective rides and events made to this date.

Public Relations: VASA newsletter is out. Still have a few members who do not get it by email.

Apparel: nothing to report

VASA BOD Meeting : the meeting isn’t until next week. Ken Cleveland will go with Ray next week so he

can get the lay of how things work at the meeting. He will be taking over as the VASA BOD

representative for the club.

Trail Report:

Chris Sabisch talked with the forest manager for Woodlawn Mt. They will be doing logging on trail 8 but

they will work with us to keep it open to ride. They will have signs and ask riders to look out for skidders

and log trucks when riding. Their landing will be at the bottom of 1A. They will be going up trail 1 from

the a-frame.

Old Business: The VT Lottery have a new ticket out with prizes being Polaris ATVs. The non-winning

tickets can be sent in to be pulled in a drawing for a RZR . This drawing will be at VASA’s Big Event.

New Business:

A few of the landowner contracts are done. Larry White/Dutch Hill should be okay. This is Ray’s Uncle.

Chris will get Woodlawn contract done this week. We need to contact McCormack’s because the 5 year

contract is over. Ray went to see Shorty Stone in the case he knew the current owner , the son of the

man who had signed the original contract. He didn’t know him. Just knew of them. We need to get a

hold of Redpaths . They live in NYC and are only up here on and off during sugaring season. St. Pierre’s

we usually do through the mail. Ted Sheloski’s is done and he was getting Ferrell’s for us. But we need

to get that returned to us. The town of Ira is done. Ted and Ray went to the town meeting last week and

got that finalized. Middletown we do not need one because that is an ordinance.

Herrick Mt area sale has been sold on part of the property but the South part still is believed to be on

hold and not fully turned over yet.

We will be taking Ted’s lookout off our trails because there is no way to get there from the other trails.

We are now blocked off from that area.

David Noel said he could do some checking on the McCormack contact since he works in that area. He

would see if anyone he knew was an acquaintance of them.

Trail opening dates are May 1 st . But that is tentative. We will have to email to tread lightly because

there will still be wet and needing to drain off. There will be lots of trees and tops as well as beech slash

to clean up for sure.

We might be able to check the lower trails. It is possible the tops of the mountains will still have lots of


Clean up dates:

Dutch Hill – Sunday April 19 th 10am. At the trailhead.

Woodlawn – Sunday April 26 th 9:30am at Shorty’s trailhead. Ken Cleveland to check with select board

that it is okay we get in there a few days before the ordinance.

Ira/West Rutland/Middletown – Wed. May 6 th 4pm at Ted’s Field Trailhead.

We will need some speed limit signs on the IRA roads 25mph. We need more of them. Pawlet will

probably need more as well.

In the paper there was an article about atv use on town roads in Mt.Holly. The town voted it down. It

would have been local use only.

A new product out is an ATV Hauler. It is a trailer for an atv to pull to pull out another atv from deep in

the woods. Expensive alternative to a tow rope.


Bob Williams – The Nominating Committee reported he had one nomination for Vice President.

It was stated that the Trail Coordinator and BOD Representative is appointed by the President so these

positions are not electable.

The position of president was opened for nominations. No one from the floor was nominated. Ray Cole

did not want to run again and felt he had done his service to the club already. But there being no one

stepping up he accepted the nomination for president and expressed this was going to be his last year

period. Bob Williams said he may be willing to do so next year and will need to learn more over the next

year what is required. That being stated. The Secretary cast one vote for Ray Cole as President and had a

unanimous vote .

The position of Vice President was opened for nominations. The nominating committee had one listed

for this position – Ken Cleveland. No other nominations were received from the floor. The Secretary cast

one vote for Ken Cleveland to be Vice President and had a unanimous vote.

The position for Secretary was opened for nominations. Sherry did not want to rerun for this position

due to her work schedule and accepted to remain as committee chair for events, apparel, and public

relations. After some discussion. Bob Williams accepted a nomination for Secretary. No other

nominations were received from the floor. The Secretary cast one vote for Bob Williams to be Secretary

and had a unanimous vote.

The position of Treasurer was opened for nominations. Deedee Corey accepted the nomination for one

more year when no other nominations came from the floor. The Secretary cast one vote for Deedee

Corey to be Treasurer and there was a unanimous vote.

Other discussion:

DeeDee asked if the club was going to do a donation to the Relay For Life Walk as we had in the past. It

was agreed to do a $250 donation.

The club is also involved in the Relay For Life Car Show on June 7 th . We will need some volunteers to help

for the day and Ted has allowed us to have a table with our atv club info set up at the show. The club

will be sponsoring 2 classes in the show and that is due on May 1 st . We need to check who to make the

check out to.

Last announcement is Chris Sabisch will be doing the trail coordinator position for his last year. He has

issues that do not let him ride and does not know when that will change at this point.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:17 pm