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August 12th, 2015

posted Aug 18, 2016, 8:21 AM by David R. Noel
Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. with 11 members present ~ (John Rich, Ed Cole, Ken Cleveland, Dee

Dee Corey, Ray Cole, Jim Philbrook, Sherry Smith, Deborah Elliott, Lane Corey, Ed Rivers, and Bob Williams)

Minutes from July 8, 2015 meeting were read and accepted.

Treasurer’s Report was read and accepted.


It was decided that the candy ride would be canceled due to Sherry’s farm (Riverside Farm) was still closed

due to trees down and very wet conditions. Sherry recommended that we combine the candy ride with the

last ride of the year which was scheduled for October 25 th . The members agreed to hold a cleanup day

instead. It was scheduled for 9:00 AM with a free hotdog lunch to follow. An email was to be sent out as

well as put it on face book.

The hours for the booth at the carnival, that the club would set up were 9:30 AM to 2:00 PM. Bob was to

send an email and have Doreen get it posted on Facebook for volunteers to man the booth and answer any

questions people had.

Member’s agreed to have a trail ride on August 23 rd . It was decided to go to the Reading Rat’s Trails in

Reading VT. We would meet at the Tractor Supply in Rutland at 8:00 AM. Bob was to send out an email and

have Doreen get it on facebook.

BOD Meeting:

Ray and Ken reported that:

The new (extra person) that Vasa hired to work on the trails quit already, and they were so far in to the

season that they were not going to replace him.

Two dates for public hearings on ATV use on designated trails on State land are being scheduled for

sometime in September. They may have a written comment period.

Vasa still has no set dates when they will be coming to work on the West Rutland trails, but when they do

they will be going to Ira.

Trail Report:

Most all of the trails have been checked and trees cleared.

Sherry’s Farm is still closed due to the wet weather and trees down. The plan is to get the farm cleared on

Sunday enough to open the trails. Sherry’s mom has been given a hard time by a couple of people that

showed up and insisted on riding the trails. She asked that Doreen put a post on Face book to respect the

land owner’s wishes. If the landowner say’s the trails are closed they are closed.

Ray checked on the Ira trail head and Ted had mowed it. No bill had been turned in yet.

Jim Philbrook reported that there was major blow down on Trail 8 in Woodlawn that they had to clear. The

rest of the trails looked pretty good.

The class 4 section at the top of Middletown Hill Road definitely needs some work. Ray thought that is

where Vasa was going to put the Excavator, but they would have to check with the town as it is a class 4


Old Business:

Meet at Central Vermont Motorcycles at 9:30 Saturday for informational booth.

New Trail: The discussion continued on developing a new trail that would tie on to existing trails on Dutch

Hill and continue towards Tinmouth. Ken was going to check on an adjacent landowner to continue out the

ridge. We would have to check on the ordinances in Tinmouth to see what the regulations were for riding

on class 3 and 4 roads.

New Business:

Trail Ride in Reading VT.

That was it for new Business.


Meeting adjourned at 8:05 p.m.