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July 18th, 2016

posted Aug 18, 2016, 8:43 AM by David R. Noel
The Meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m. with 14 members present.

David Noel, Deb Elliott, Fred Elliott, DeeDee Corey, Lane Corey, Ed Cole, Michael Pedone,

John Rich, Jim Philbrook, Ray Cole, Mark Oldaburg, Martha Zigof, Ted Wenta, and Bob


Minutes from June meeting were read and accepted.

Treasurer’s Report was read and accepted.

Events Planned for the rest of July and August:

Mt. Washington Ride (Vasa Event) July 31 st .

Club Ride at Ira. Saturday August 20 th , at 10:00 AM

BOD Meeting:

VASA is laying off the lobbyist while the legislature is not in session. This will save Vasa


They did hire a new person to work on the trail systems.

Danny and crew are currently spending all their time closing existing trail systems.

They plan on inviting any club members that would like to see what they do to one of the trails

they have been working on. This will be in October.

The Vasa Windmill ride is scheduled for October.

They have $78,000 in Grant money that they plan on buying some new equipment with.

The current Vasa plate system is going away. It will beSticker only. Transfers are free.

Trail Report:

Woodlawn – Open

Ira –Open

Dutch Hill-Open.

*The ST. Pierre property lease is close to being up for renewal (August 13 th , 2016. According to

Ray Cole they want to be paid for the lease. The club does not pay for riding leases. David will

check with them to see if they would possibly re sign without the club paying. If not we will

have to let the lease go.

*Jim had a preliminary meeting with the town of West Rutland to see if there was a possibility of

riding ATV’s into town to the stores. They felt at this time our trail system wasn’t big enough to

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warrant the need to come in to town for supplies. Following his report there was a lot of

discussion on how and where to expand the trail system.

Old Business:

*The discussion continued on trail expansion. Wood lawn and Dutch Hill are fairly close. The

group wants to continue to explore the possibility of a connector trail between the two.

*Ray reported that they had a huge turnout for the New Hampshire Mt Washington ride and that

it was total Chaos. They had 1,500 or more ATV’s and had to turn 100’s away. ATV trailers

take up too much room and were blocking driveways.

This years Vermont Vasa ride would be on, but it didn’t look good for future ATV rides up Mt.


New Business:

 David is looking for volunteers to write articles on each of our trail systems that could be

posted on the web site and Face Book page.

 The motion was made, and 2 nd to vote on the charge for lunch at the work details and

rides to be optional based on attendance. The vote carried.

 David brought up the idea that the club should acknowledge past officers years of service

with some form of gift or gift certificate. This is to be brought up at the next meeting.

 David did an inventory on wearing apparel. It was decided that from now on apparel

would be ordered as needed as it ties up money and space.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM