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July 8, 2015

posted Aug 18, 2016, 8:21 AM by David R. Noel
Meeting called to order at 7:20 p.m. with 10 members present ~ (John Rich, Mike Moyer, Ed Cole, Ken

Cleveland, Dee Dee Corey, Ray Cole, Stacey Wright, Jim Philbrook, Tom Witham, and Bob Williams)

Minutes from June 10, 2015 meeting were read and accepted.

Treasurer’s Report was read and accepted.


A Club ride was scheduled for July 12 th at Stockbridge (Central VT Quad Runners Trails). It was posted on

Facebook and an email sent out for anyone interested in going to be at the Home Depot Parking Lot at 9:30

on Sunday.

Mike Moyer reported that the July 4 th parade went well. They had 5 machines and 2 floats representing.

Ken Cleveland reported that the Lancaster trail ride had rough oneway trails.

The Big event is scheduled for August 8 th .

BOD Meeting:

Meeting will not be until the following week, so nothing to report.

Ray will find out at the next meeting when they will be scheduling the equipment to work on the West

Rutland Trails. It was on the agenda to discuss Shumlin passing the Bill to allow 4-wheelers to cross state

land on prescribed trails. Central VT Quad runners will be the trial club to try to get a trail through the

approval process. Vasa hired another person to work on the trails, so now they have two.

Trail Report:

Most all of the trails have been checked and trees cleared.

Sherry’s Farm is still closed due to the wet weather and trees down. It has been too muddy to even clear

the trees.

Ray was going to contact Ted to see if he was going to mow the trail head parking as he had done in

previous years, and if not could he recommend someone to do it.

Old Business:

Ken Cleveland reported that Central VT only needed the club to set up a booth for part of a day instead of

3. This would narrow it down so volunteers only had to work a few hours. Ken will find out the exact date

and hours. Bob will post an email for volunteers.

New Business:

Anyone that wanted to go to the Big Event Aug 8, 2015 in Danville could meet at the Home Depot parking

lot at 6:30 AM that Saturday morning.


Meeting adjourned at 8:05 p.m.